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Pronovias | Bridal Spring 2020 | Barcelona Bridal

Pronovias | Bridal Spring 2020 | Barcelona Bridal 

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 Antonio Riva | Bridal Couture

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Jesus Peiro | Bridal 2019 | Barcelona 

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gives you a custom reason to treasure the only pure white

 Since it is worth collecting a lifetime of the dowry, so not a bit careless!So what should the bride pay attention to when choosing customization? JULIET'S has come up with seven tips for prospective brides preparing to make their wedding dresses, hoping to help them easily customize their dream wedding dresses.

 1. Set aside time in advance
The custom wedding dress cycle is long, and prospective brides start buying dresses at least 5-6 months before the wedding.If time is not enough, the production time will be compressed or the later modification time will be insufficient, so that the wedding dress does not achieve the ideal wearing effect. 

 2. Budget your wedding dress
Because the quality of the fabric, the design and the complexity of the craft are different, there is also a big gap in the price, so it is better to make a preliminary budget before the wedding dress is customized.The bride-to-be can choose customized brands and styles according to their budgets.In order to avoid a moment of impulse to make the cost of wedding dress greatly overspend. 

 3. Choose a good quality custom bridal shop
Bride-to-be in custom wedding dress, also notice according to the size of the entity shop, choose better reputation and public praise custom wedding dress store, custom for wedding dress quality and service will be guaranteed.

4. Choose the wedding dress according to the wedding venue and theme
When selecting and determining the design of the wedding dress to be customized, the wedding dress should be selected according to the wedding venue and theme.For example, when a wedding is held on an outdoor lawn, the bride-to-be can choose a simple and fresh wedding dress.And the wedding is held in the star luxury hotel, wedding dress design should be relatively grand, gorgeous.In addition, prospective brides can listen to the advice of a professional dressmaker in a store, after all, years of experience have made them "smart eyes".  

 5. Measure good measure
Tailoring is one of the important parts of the wedding dress, and the measurement of size determines the fit and wearing effect of the wedding dress.When the bride-to-be is being tailored, she should keep her eyes straight and keep breathing naturally. It is best to wear the same style of underwear for the wedding.You can also wear a pair of shoes that you think are high enough to measure your body, or tell the designer the height of the wedding shoes on the wedding day, so as to control the space reserved for wedding dress size.In order to prevent the bride's body shape from changing before the wedding, it is best to keep a certain amount of balance when measuring the body. 

 6. Hold the fitting
Fitting is the perfect time to adjust the size and detail of the wedding dress before the wedding, and the bride-to-be especially takes advantage of the opportunity to try it on.On the wedding day, it is recommended that the bride-to-be wear the accessories needed for the wedding day to check the overall effect.It is important to note that the waist and chest of the wedding dress are in line, and try walking, sitting and raising your hand to ensure that the wedding day is fully functional.If you find any inappropriate parts, you should communicate with the designer in a timely manner and make modifications within the allowed scope.

7. keep in shape
It is not enough to make the above preparations for a custom-made wedding dress. In order to have the ideal effect of wearing a wedding dress, the bride-to-be needs to keep in shape before the wedding, so as to achieve perfection. 


 All of our dresses are made to order. That means the designer dyes the fabric, cuts the pattern, and creates the dress after we place each order. Therefore all sales are final and there are no returns or exchanges. 

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