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Juliet's Bridal & Formal

First started in Lincoln Mall




No2. store in Meadows Mall




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Custom Designer Manager

Mrs. Ellen Visel

Ellen started her career working in some large multinational companies for many years.  She is fluent in three languages (Chinese, Japanese, and English).  The different languages are very useful in communicating directly to the dress factories about her designs and special orders.  She has done event planning, brand packaging design, business marketing, and fashion and design with clothing.  After two years of observation in the fashion industry, she has decided to open her bridal and formal business in Freeport, Illinois.

In the 2018, she and her family moved to South Carolina.

Ellen's passion for this industry comes from her love of art. Ellen says, "As long as I have a vacation, I like to travel with my backpack, and my colleagues who enjoy the scenery along the way record their precious moments with cameras." Then, on the journey, the streets, various kinds of people, unique buildings, a cluster of flourishing and green leaves have become the eternal scene of her lens. It is also an important source of creative inspiration. It combines the drips of the journey into the design and endows the uncommon soul and life of the wedding dress. 


Make up Artist

Mrs. Bea

International Makeup Artist Mrs. Bea is SC based Makeup Artist for Flori Roberts, Gale Hayman, Innerface, Adrian Arpel and Color Beautiful Brands. Her motto is to help build the esteem of others through beauty!  Mrs. Bea experience and expertise in this field as allowed me to partner with other Beauty Advisors to help women discover their inner beauty! Her eye for application and innate abilities to enhance women's natural-born features is best in its class!  

Her ultimate dream is to venture off into expanding her business and starting on own cosmetic line. 

That way I can continue to provide women with the proper tools to develop their skills and define their own beauty journey. and located in Magnolia Mall Florence, SC.


Store Manager & Marketing Director

Ashleigh Mclntyre

Ashleigh has a passion for working with people & the community! over 20 years business experience, she loves fashion and have passion working with people. 

Let her help you find your perfect dress for your big day!! 

We at Juliet's will be looking forward to seeing you and making your shopping experience an extraordinary one. Thank you for shopping with us! 


Alterations Manager


My name is Barbara,  and I have been in the sewing industry over 30 years. I am very passionate about my work, making sure every customer I work for is satisfied in such a way that they just want to tell others how great they feel about the work I have done and how good it is to wear the apparel I've worked on for them. I have also worked in various Bridal stores, including ones in North Carolina, Georgia, and now, South Carolina. My goal is to make you feel at home when you walk into Juliet's Bridal and Formalwear and to help you pick out that special attire for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We at Juliet's will be looking forward to seeing you and making your shopping experience an extraordinary one. Thank you for shopping with us!





Inetta has over 30 years sewing experience for both women and mens clothing. 

She also specializes in alterations for formal wear for both women and men. 

Inetta provides great quality work for all of your sewing needs! 

We at Juliet's will be looking forward to seeing you and making your shopping experience an extraordinary one. Thank you for shopping with us! 




My name is Ashley! I have a passion for makeup and helping everyone find their dream dress. i will be attending esthetician school in the fall. Once i have a licensed esthetician in February of 2020, i will be able to assist you with all your bridal makeup needs! ——we all love “Hand made with love, Juliet’s Bridal” 


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